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Beata Wertepna
Written by Beata Wertepna

Showing LiveCall with link/button

Manually Displaying Popup

Displaying Popup with a link

If you wish to have a link that displays the popup when clicked, just create a link to https://livecall.io/actions#query-interest. Like this:

<a href="https://livecall.io/actions#query-interest">Contact us</a>


<a href="https://livecall.io/actions#open-callback-schedule-popup">Contact us</a>

to display popup in scheduling mode.

Displaying Popup with a banner/button etc.

You need to call livecallClient.queryInterest() method when you want to show popup; or 

livecallClient.openCallbackPopup(true) when you want to show popup in scheduling mode.

This will show popup to request callback immediately or to schedule a call.

Please keep in mind that the popup in scheduling mode will show only when the option "show widget in scheduling mode" is enabled on the selected filter.

Note 1: By Popup we mean:

Note 2: By Popup in scheduling mode we mean: