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Beata Wertepna
Written by Beata Wertepna

LiveCall integration with Facebook Lead Ads

Once a lead leaves their phone number in the Lead Ad form, LiveCall will make a phone connection with your call agent.

Step 1

Check that you are logged in to your Facebook account in the browser. This should be the Facebook account through which you can access your campaigns.

Step 2

Make sure your Facebook account has the necessary permissions to access leads from the campaign. Otherwise leads won't be forwarded successfully to LiveCall.

Step 3

Add a Facebook Lead Ad integration to the LiveCall panel.

Go to Installation > Facebook Lead Ads 

1. Click "Add facebook lead ad"

2. Name the integration e.g. "New car model campaign" or so your sales rep has context where the lead is coming from - this feature is called whisperer :)

3. Log in with Facebook. If you manage several ad accounts, select the relevant page for the integration.

4. Grant the necessary permissions for obtaining lead phone numbers by LiveCall.

5. If you have several lead ads with phone number fields, and you want instant callbacks only on some of them, you can filter by Ad ID or Form ID (found in Facebook).

6. Choose the User that will receive calls from the lead form

7. Choose your language (for the announcement that the consultant hears).

Your Facebook integration is complete!

Step 4

Check that your integration worked. Go to your Lead Ads Testing Tool on Facebook, find your form and submit a test number. If everything was configured correctly, you should receive a phone call.

If you have any trouble at any stage of the integration, please reach out to us :)