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Beata Wertepna
Written by Beata Wertepna

Integrating LiveCall with Google Analytics

Tracking LiveCall conversions in Google Analytics allows to optimize lead generation and marketing spending. Here's a guide how to kick off.

How to track conversions in Google Analytics?

Although this may not be obvious, there is a difference depending on how you have your GA installed. In this post we only deal with Universal Google Analytics code that is installed directly in your website code or through a plugin, which does not distort the following code.

Unfortunatelly, GA installed with GTM or with different code like Global Site Tag (gtag.js) will not work this way.

First things first

Go to your LiveCall Settings and make sure that "Integrate with Google Analytics" option is ticked.

To check whether your integration works go to your GA and go to Real-Time section and select Events. You should be seeing something like this:


The complete list of events that you can track is available here:

List of events that may be tracked in LiveCall

Conversion Tracking - setting up a goal

In most cases requesting a call-back and sharing phone number is treated as a conversion. For this reason, we will use callInitiation event as a conversion.

Go to your GA >> Admin >> Goals >> Add New Goal

For Goal setup select "Custom"

For Goal descrptiption put your name ex. LiveCall initiation and select "Event"

For Goal details Category Equals to LiveCall and Action Equals to CallInitiation


Well done! Your integration is complete.

Note: If you would like to limit the events that are sent from LiveCall to GA, shoot us a message on chat or at hello@livecall.io. We can change the settings for you to send only selected events.